• We Welcome Your Partnership

    A route designed to earn you unique benefits
  • Your Own Initiative.
    ​Your Own Success.

    Yet with expert guidance from The Bill Organiser, so that you wont be on your own.

How This Works

The Bill Organiser does not actually provide energy; we are a third-party company to get others in touch with the Utility Warehouse (UW) provider. The Bill Organiser is necessary as an intermediary to enable others to sign up. One cannot join said provider on their own; it must be through a partner of UW.

Becoming a Partner brings one many incentives and is a worthwhile decision.

What this means for you


Up to £350 for every new member sign up to UW

Holiday Incentives 

Holiday incentives (or its monetary value) including flights, accommodation, kosher food and spending money

Seasonal Gifts

Of high value personalised for you


Hotel stays


Why Partner Through Us

The Bill Organiser is dedicated to your success in becoming a lucrative partner. We not only see you through the process, but we also help to promote your status as a partner so that you are entitled to as many incentives as possible. In addition, we have a strong knowledge concerning this department and have been in the know for many years.